Top Hiking Trails Outside Barcelona

sender-a-norfeuHiking is a fun activity the whole family will enjoy! Barcelona’s surrounding area is lush and has amazing mountains for you and your family to explore. Use these trails as an excuse to get some fresh air and experience the other parts of Catalonia! We wish you a wonderful stay in our hotel in Vilanova y la Geltrú!

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Environmental Movement in Barcelona

Barcelona OrganicAs the seas warm and the polar ice caps melt it’s time for the citizens of earth to make sure that our planet is always healthy and viable for future generations. Barcelona has taken on the environmental movement with full swing and has embraced the movement onto its streets. Enjoy Barcelona’s green practices in our hotel for family in Barcelona.

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Flamenco Dancing in Barcelona

flamenco-dancers-barcelonaFlamenco is a dance that is traditional to the southern area of Spain called Andalusia. It is an art form that includes singing, the guitar, handclapping, finger snapping, vocalizations as well as dancing. Throughout Barcelona, there are many theatres that specialize in this dance and have shows twice a night. There are even schools and classes to learn this art form. We wish you a lovely stay at our hotel for family in Barcleona.

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Hot Air Balloons Rides in Northern Spain

hot-air-balloning-barcelonaHave you ever imagined you and your family flying over the beautiful Spanish landscape in a hot air balloon? How about flying with your loved one by your side with a champagne toast? Well with Barcelona Balloon Flights you can! You can have the opportunity to spend three to four hours sightseeing across northern Spain, but from the sky! We hope you enjoy our hotel for family in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

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How to Save your Feet when Travelling in Barcelona

Tour Barcelona Barcelona is a large city, with attractions ranging from the beachside to the mountains. Sagrada familia lies in the valley of Barcelona, while Park Guell is situated on the mountains overlooking said Sagrada familia. There is no way you could walk from one attractions to another in a day. So why waste your time walking between attractions and tiring out your kids when there is a better way to explore the city? Don’t tire your family out, book a Hop-on, Hop-off tour! We hope you enjoy our family hotel in Barcelona.

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The 4 Best Literary Places in Barcelona

laieBarcelonans loves the arts and Catalan culture and with millions of tourists flocking to the city every year to witness its ever changing vibrant arts it’s no wonder literary places have popped up all over Barcelona. But, even artists, musicians and painters need to relax once in a while. Here are 4 places in Barcelona that the hip artists and musicians go, to enjoy a captivating book or two. We hope you enjoy our hotel in Barcelona for Family!

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