Discover La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

Volcanoes (1)La Garrotxa is a national park, located in Catalonia, equidistant from Mediterranean sea and the Pyrenees. It gathers 40 volcanic cones and over 20 lava flows. You will also find typical village, with Medieval heritages and castles for some. It is the perfect place for nature lovers and all kind of activities! Visit this park while you stay in our family hotel in Camprodon.

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Parc de l’Oreneta: the perfect place for family time

The Parc de l’Oreneta is located in the North of Barcelona, in Sarrià – Sant Gervasi area. This park is perfect for quality family time, where special Mediterranean flora and activities for children take place. Discover the history and the different activities of the park below and stay in our apartment for family in Sarrià.

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Visit Casa Vicens with your Family

The Casa Vicens was the first masterpiece of Gaudi, listed as Unesco World Heritage site since 2005. It has been in restoration for a year, in order to restore the original state of the house. Now reopened, the house is located in the area of Sarrià, less than 15 minutes from our aparthotel for family. Continue reading to discover more about this monument.

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4 of Barcelona’s top Tapas spots

Ever tried Tapas? No? What are Tapas? They are a Spanish cuisine consisting of snacks and appetizers. Also known as Bocas, they can be served either hot or cold, and are now more commonly consumed at restaurants as meals. Come relax at Mariano Cubi while you dine at these fantastic Tapas restaurants!

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Activities for animal-loving families

All children from the moment they have the cognitive ability to notice their surroundings quickly fall in love with animals. Big, small, furry or bald – children in the presence of animals are just beaming with joy and want nothing more than to observe and play with the wildlife! So why not give them what they want? (Come on, we know you want to as well!) Aparthotel Senator welcomes you as you take your children –  and yourself –  on a wild adventure.

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3 Child Friendly Parks in Barcelona

When visiting a big city for the first time, it is sometimes hard to think of places where children can run around for a bit. Busy streets, restaurants and hotel lobbies aren’t exactly the ideal spots for your little ones to run around to their heart’s desires. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you – not only did we find safe open spaces for your kids to explore, but these spots are such beautiful community areas that the whole family should come over and relax. Enjoy a family stay at Mariano Cubi so you can explore the following spots worry-free!

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60th Edition of Vintage Car Rally

This year is special for the Vintage Car Rally: it is the 60th Edition! This will take place between the 3rd and 5th of March. Given the long tradition of these rallies, the organization added all the kilometers driven since the very first race. And guess what? It is the equivalent of ten times world’s circumference! Come to Sitges to enjoy this special event and benefit a stay at Aparthotel Senator.

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The Best Paella of Barcelona

Going to Spain usually means tasting one of the most famous country’s dish: paella! Often believed to be the national dish of Spain itself, it actually originated in the region of Valencia. It’s name come from the ancient Latin Patella and Old French Paelle. The Valencian rice dish is a comfort food that’s always served piping hot. From being made with vegetables, seafood, meats, or even beans, this short grain rice dish.

You will find a lot of them around the city, the real challenge is to find the good ones. Indeed, you have to know two rules to find a good paella: do not eat it in La Rambla, they are too expensive and probably frozen. The second, avoid the restaurants displaying pictures of their paella: it is probably frozen too.

To make your life easier, here is a list of the best places to have a paella while you enjoy staying in our family hotel near Gracia.

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Following the dragons of Barcelona

Barcelona is the dream place for dragon’s lovers. Indeed, dragons are part of the Catalan culture. The tales can be told through either the legend of Sant Jordi or the legend of Drakcelona.

According to the photograph Joseph Martinez, there is a thousand dragons around the city. So let’s have a look to the most famous ones and maybe you will discover some new while you are relaxing with your family at the Aparthotel Senator

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